Want to be an /r/AndroidGaming mod? Read on!


With a number of of the additional inactive mods leaving the mod crew, we’ searching to include 1-2 new subreddit moderators.

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The following 3 attributes are desired, but don’ be deterred if you only fulfill a pair, pretty substantially every mod at any time recruited hasn’ satisfied them all!

  1. A background of reddit moderation, ideally on tech subs.
  2. Active on reddit in general.
  3. A background in the subreddit and/or the discord.

If you’ intrigued, make sure you leave a comment in this thread (desired) or concept the mods, answering as numerous of the following queries as achievable:


What is your favorite detail about the subreddit?:

What improvement(s) would you propose for the subreddit?:

Do you have encounter moderating subreddits / other communities?:

What’ your favorite Android video game?:

We’ searching ahead to looking through your applications, the new mod(s) will be picked in the next number of weeks (close of the thirty day period complete newest). Fantastic luck!

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