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safe gallery

Safe Gallery

Safe Gallery is the most popular application for hiding your media and audio files from the phone memory to an app. This is a must-have application if you want to protect your media files from your gallery or an image file that you have downloaded from the webpage or even an audio can be hidden using Safe Gallery App. Suppose you want to hide some pictures from your gallery and some pictures from your downloaded folder. Instead moving all the files to one place and wasting time in that, ‘safe gallery app’ will allow you to hide all of your downloaded images and audio. Your gallery data can be protected by just using this app called Safe Gallery App.

secure gallery

secure gallery

Safe Gallery APK is one of the most common applications being used by many Android users to hide audio, videos, images, or even media files that they have downloaded from the Internet. All such files can be hidden easily by using the Safe Gallery application.

Safe Gallery APK for Android has a very simple user interface on the Navbar section of the application. It will display your audio and gallery media files. If you swipe right, it will show all the locked files as Safe Photo, Safe Video, Safe Web Images and Safe Audio. On the top right, there are two icons, which function as lock and unlock button. Suppose if you want to lock any random picture in your gallery just swipe left and go to the gallery section and select the random images you want to lock and then simply click on the right top icon to lock the files. Now you will notice that the files will not be visible in the default gallery application of your android phone and not even inside the gallery tab of the safe gallery, but it will be displayed inside the Safe Photo section tab of the safe gallery app. Safe Gallery APK for iPhone is available in the app stores.

safe gallery media lock

safe gallery

How to Install Safe Gallery APK?

(1)Go to Google and type Safe Gallery APK free download. From the results, search for the official application.

(2)You will see an app called Safe Gallery by Ukzzang Tools. Ukzzang Tools is the official app developer. So, make sure you check the company name, though there are many other apps that perform the same task.

(3)Now click on the app icon and you will find a green color ‘install’ button. Click on that and it will start downloading.

(4)Wait for 2-3 minutes. After the download has finished, it will start installing the application on your smartphone. So, wait till it gets installed properly on your smartphone.

(5)After it has been installed on your phone, the icon will appear on your home screen indicating that the app has finished installing. Now, click the icon and feel free to use the Safe Gallery app.

safe gallery apk


How to Use Safe Gallery App?

(1)When you have your app ready on your phone, click on the Safe Gallery app icon. It will open a popup, which will ask for your initial password. Type “0000”, which is your initial password, though you can change it once you are logged in.

(2)Now you will see that the app has loaded and there are 6 tabs on the top with one lock and unlock icon on the right top.

(3) You can swipe right or left to switch between tabs.

(4)If you want to hide any audio/video/image, then switch to that particular tab. Select the files and images that you want to lock and simply click on the top right icon to lock.

(5)Now your selected files/images/audio will be locked and it will be displayed only in the Safe Audio, Safe Video and Safe Images. To remove this lock from the file, simply go to safe images, select the file and then again from top right icon click on the unlock button next to the lock icon and it will again push the files back to the gallery from safe photos. Now it will be visible everywhere, including gallery and other apps of your smartphone. Safe Gallery Free Download for PC is also available in the market; you can check out that as well.

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Things to Keep in Mind When Using Safe Gallery Free APK

(1)If you trash or delete anything from the Safe Gallery folder in your Sdcard, then your locked files will be deleted too.

(2)If you choose cleaner app or trash cleaner app to delete your temporary files and folders, it might harm your Safe Gallery files present in the SD-Card. So, do not add any safe gallery folder while deleting temporary storage on your phone.

(3)Don’t forget to keep a backup of all of your locked files because upgrading the firmware or the operating system of your smartphone can cause storage loss. So, it’s better to have a backup of your locked files.

(4)Before deleting the Safe Gallery free download APK from your phone, make sure to unlock all the files from safe photos. Otherwise you will lose your files and folder as soon as you delete Safe Gallery Pro APK.


How to Uninstall Safe Gallery APK?

If you want to delete Safe Gallery app from your smartphone, make sure you keep these things in mind.

(1)Backup the locked files, images, audio, and videos once in every month so that you don’t lose any important data even after deleting the app and you can still restore it later when you want to install the app again on your android device.

(2)When you are deleting the Safe Gallery app, make sure you first unlock all the images, videos, and audios in order to safely delete the app while keeping your files and images safe. If you delete the app without unlocking the images from safe images you will lose everything and you can’t restore later.

(3)Always make sure you keep a backup of the data and always unlock everything from the Safe Gallery Lock Pro apk. Otherwise, you will lose all of your data and you can’t recover it.


This application has been launched in many versions with new features and functionalities. Safe Gallery Pro APK is the newly launched version, which has a lot of new features like cleaning storage safely without harming your locked files. It is compatible with all the platforms. Safe Gallery Lock iPhone is also available and Safe Gallery Lock Pro apk for android is also available in the app store. Some of the popular versions of the apps are: 5.4.3, 5.4.2, 5.4.0, 5.3.2 and 5.2.0. You can even download it for PC using emulators like PSx, Bluestacks and Ko-player.


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